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3DI Club

2014-2015 Officers

Gabe Alexander

Jared Cominsky

Michael Cooper

Tyler Riley
3DI Club stands for 3-Dimensional Interactive Club. Sometimes we just call it gaming club.

Students in the club primarily engage in multiplayer computer games. This is when students play, either competitively (against each other) or cooperatively (in teams), in the same virtual game environment. At school, we play on a LAN (local area network). This means that students are only playing our own students on an internal system.

3DI currently meets during the second half of lunch to either game or hold meetings. Twice a year (in the fall and late winter) we have over night gaming sessions where students are “locked in” to the building and we play from dusk until dawn.

Students must have parental permission to play in the club. Click HERE to open the 3DI permission form.

3DI Club members playing Age of Mythology