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Federal Hocking Middle School

2014-2015 Handbook





Students at FHMS have a number of rights as members of our learning community. 

These include the right to:


·         attend a school with a great deal of student democracy

·         be free from harassment of any kind

·         due process

·         be involved in creating your own class schedule

·         active participation within clubs, committees, curricular, and extracurricular activities

·         start a club

·         start a petition

·         discuss issues or questions with staff members

·         send a letter to the editor of the school paper

·         be notified of any disciplinary action

·         appeal any disciplinary action




Additionally, students share a wide range of responsibilities as members of the FHMS learning community.  Among these are included the responsibility to

·         demonstrate respect for fellow students, school facilities, faculty, and staff at FHMS

·         respect lunch privileges

·         report issues violations of the Student Code of Conduct to staff members




Discrimination towards students or staff on the basis of race, nationality, origin, gender, sexual preference, or handicapping condition is not tolerated on the premises of Federal Hocking.  The FHMS learning community values diversity in all its forms and believes in respecting the rights of individuals.  If there are any issues regarding discrimination, please do not hesitate to speak to the principal or other staff members.



General Information about FHMS

School Information

Phone Number: (740) 662-6691

Fax Number: (740) 662-5065

Website: www.fedhock.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/FederalHockingLocalSchools


"No School" Announcements


Some days throughout the year due to the weather school is canceled.  This decision is usually made prior to 6:00 a.m. and will be announced both on the school phone system and over the following local TV/Radio stations:

·         WATH/WXTQ radio - 970 AM/105.5 FM

·         WAIS/WSEO radio- 107.7/105.0 FM

·         WXIL

·         WSAZ Channel 3 - TV

·         WTAP Channel 15 - TV

 We will also send phone announcements on school closings, so make sure we have your correct phone number.




Bus transportation is provided as assistance to our students.  Questions regarding bus transportation may be directed to the district transportation supervisor by calling 662-6691 ext. 115.  By Ohio law, all students are to be assigned seats and are required to sit in those seats.  Seat assignment is left to the discretion of the driver, transportation supervisor, or the building administrator. 


Misbehavior on the bus may result in the loss of bus riding privileges.  A student may have bus transportation privileges suspended and the length of suspension will be determined by the seriousness of the misconduct, the disciplinary record of the student, and any factors deemed relevant by the administration.  Immediate removal from the bus may occur if a pupil’s presence poses a danger to persons or property or a threat to the safe operation of the bus. Misbehavior on the bus may also result in any penalties and procedures described in the Student Code of Conduct. 


Guidance Office


Mrs. Amy Buchman is the guidance counselor and will be eager to help you.  Students must have a pass from a teacher before going to see Mrs. Buchman. 


Grade Promotion

Being promoted from grade to grade depends upon your academic success at each grade level and is determined by the school administration. 


Grades, Grading Periods, and Make-Up Work

Student work is graded on the following scale:

90% -100%= A (Excellent Work) (90-92=A-)

80% -89%= B (Above Average Work) (80-82=B-; 87-89=B+)

70% -79%= C (Average Work) (70-72=C-; 77-79=C+)

60% -69%= D (More work needed in this area/should seek help) (60-62=D-; 67-69=D+)

Below 60%= F (Quality of work not acceptable)


If you have been absent due to an excused absence, you may receive an "I" (incomplete).  It is your responsibility to see your teacher to make up the work you missed.  If you do not make up the work within two weeks of the end of the grading period, you will receive an "F".   Students may not make up work missed due to unexcused absences or if they have been suspended from school.  Once grades are entered on the report card they may not be changed for any reason other than teacher error in computing grades (with the exception of grades of “I”).  Make up work may be figured in for final grades, but cannot result in the changing of a grade entered for the previous grading period.


Grades come out every six weeks.  That way, you get plenty of feedback on how well you are doing in all your classes.  There are also midterms, which come out halfway through each six-week grading period to let you know how you are doing in each of your classes.


Absences, Attendance, Late Arrival, Early Dismissal

                One of the best ways to do well in school is to make sure you are here. There are several acceptable reasons for an excused absence, they include the following:

1. Illness with a parents’ note or a doctor’s note.

2. Death of a relative.

3. Religious observances.

4. Legal business including court appearances.

5. Family activities and trips that have received prior approval by the principal for absences.

6. An emergency which in the judgment of the principal is a sufficient cause for an absence from school.

                If you are going to be absent from school you need to have your parent/guardian call the school to notify us of your absence.  When you return to school you must bring a note from your parent or guardian explaining your absence even if the absence is unexcused.  You have three days to bring in a note or the absence will be considered unexcused.  The note is important because it provides a written documentation that your parent is aware of your absence.

If you are absent, the first five parent note absences are marked excused at the discretion of the principal.  Thereafter absences may be marked unexcused other than medical/legal absences.  Make up work is not permitted when student are unexcused.  Students who miss six or more days in a semester may be required to have a parent meeting with the county truant officer.  Students missing more than 10 days in any one semester will not be given any academic credit for that semester.  Doctors, dentists, legal activities, and field trips do not count against your 10 day limit per semester. Additionally, students who have five consecutive unexcused absences, 7 unexcused absences in one month, or twelve unexcused absences per year may go to juvenile court.

If you arrive late to school you must first report to the attendance office to check in.  Remember if you drive to school a car trouble is not excused.  If you are repeatedly late to school you will receive consequences as outlined in the Code of Conduct.  If you need to leave school early, you must bring a note to the office at the beginning of the day for that dismissal to be approved.  Acceptable reasons include doctor and other appointments and business that cannot be conducted after school.  Students may not dismiss themselves from school. You must report to the office to check out if you are on early dismissal.



If it is necessary that you take medication during the school day, you need to bring the medicine, in its original container, along with a note from the doctor stating the proper dosage and times of administration to the school secretary.  You will be dismissed at the proper time to take your medication. At the end of the year you must collect the unused portion of your medication or it will be thrown away.  This include all over the counter medications.   


Footwear and Mobility

Only gym shoes are allowed on the gym floors at all times.  Further, students may not wear shoes with wheels and remember, skateboards are not allowed at school.


Dress Code

Students at FHMS should dress in a respectful way.  Final judgment on all dress code items rests with the staff and administration.  Refusal to comply with the dress code will result in a change of clothes being given to the student or the student will be removed from school for the day.    

  1. No hats without a permit.
  2. Sunglasses are not to be worn indoors.
  3. If wearing a hooded sweatshirt, the hood must remain down while in the building.
  4. Clothing that might reasonably be considered indiscreet, immodest, or too casual for school will not be permitted.

·            A student's midriff/stomach/cleavage/buttocks must be covered at all times.

·            Tops may not be low cut or revealing; ‘cleavage’ should not be visible. 

·            Shorts, dresses, and skirts must reach the top of the student’s kneecap (no holes that reveal skin above the knee will be permitted).  Pants that must be constantly pulled up, pants that fall down and pants that show undergarments are not permissible.

·            No spaghetti straps or muscle shirts will be permitted.

·            No pajamas will be permitted.

  1. Clothing that bears reference to drugs, sex, alcohol, gangs, is intended or interpreted as ‘hate speech’ (advocating violence or discrimination against any group of individuals) or that has obscene, suggestive or profane statements or pictures is not permitted.



                All students are encouraged to join sports.  The following is a list of all of the sports available to the student body: Golf, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Track, and Cheerleading.  To participate on athletic team you must maintain your academic eligibility, which means keeping a 2.0 GPA or higher in your academic subjects and passing 3 of your 4 classes.  No student whose GPA is below 1.66 will be eligible to participate.  If your GPA is below a 2.0 but above a 1.66 you may be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities, but if and only if all work assignments are completed as reviewed on weekly basis. Additionally, any student with more than 20 demerit points will not be allowed to participate unless they have an approved behavior contract. For additional information on athletics, see the handbook you will be given by your coach.


Breakfast (FREE) at FHMS

                Breakfast (A good choice!) will still be free and provided for students to eat each morning.  Students will head to the breakfast line in the morning as they enter the building, get their breakfast, and then will be given time to eat in the auditorium before heading to their advisory with their advisor. 


School Schedule

7:40 – 7:55           Breakfast in auditorium

7:55 – 8:00           Walk from auditorium and go to lockers

8:00 – 8:10           Attendance in advisory

8:10 – 8:15           Pass Time

8:15 – 9:20           Block 1

9:20 – 9:25           Pass time

9:25 – 10:30         Block 2

10:30 – 11:00                       Lunch

11:00-11:30                         Exploratory

11:30 – 11:35                      Pass Time

11:35 -12:40                        Block 3

12:40 – 12:45                      Retrieve belongings from lockers

12:45 – 1:20 (Mon/Fri)      Homebase

12:45 – 1:25 (Wed)             Homebase

12:45 – 1:15 (Tues/Thurs) Homebase



Food Rules for Middle School Students

                There are some food rules that apply to all students at all times, they are as follows:

1.       Energy drinks (i.e. Red Bull, Full Throttle, Amp, Monster, Rock Star and any similar drink) are not permitted at any time during the school day.  Such drinks will be confiscated by the staff and disposed of.  The students and staff believe these drinks are not healthy and impair the learning processes at the school.

2.       Food, drinks, and/or gum are not allowed in the library, art room, science lab, and gym.

3.       Food, drinks, and/or gum are allowed in classrooms only with teacher permission.  This is totally at the discretion of the teacher or teaching teams.

4.       Students will not have access to any microwaves or refrigerators during the school day. 


Student Property and Responsibility

·         If your property is stolen from the school, the school is not responsible for it, because you are issued a locker at the beginning of the year and it has a lock on it. 

·         You are also advised to use your locker and not share your locker combination with anyone. 

·         You may not trade lockers, share lockers, or use a locker to conceal any regulated or prohibited item.

·         Lockers are school property and may be opened and searched at any time. 

·         You are also responsible for any books, calculators, computers, etc. that you are issued and will be charged the replacement cost of any items you damage or lose.

·         Think twice about what you bring to school or loan to others.

·         Students should also understand that any item they bring on school property, including electronic devices, may be searched by school authorities at any time.  This is for the safety and security of all students and staff, and is a clearly established right in civil code, known as “in loco parentis.”


Electronic Devices

Phones, iPods, mp3 players, and CD players are not permitted to be used during school hours unless permitted by a teacher.  Any student who violates rules on electronic devices will have the device confiscated and it will be held by the administration until the “fine” (see FHMS Behavioral Management Plan) is paid in full.  Due to state law and test security, if a student is found using their cell phone during state exams and/or end of course exams, regardless of the reason, the student’s cell phone will be confiscated for the remainder of the week or possibly longer.


Bathroom Use

                Students should use the bathroom between class periods.  Use of the bathrooms during class time will require a coupon and teacher permission.


Student Code of Conduct

Attending Federal Hocking Middle School should be an educational and enjoyable experience.  We are now young adults who should know how to act and behave in a manner that is respectful to themselves and the people around them.  Please see the FHMS Behavior Management Plan that follows the Student Handbook. 

There are specific HIGH LEVEL violations that will be directed immediately to the administration:  

HIGH LEVEL Violations


·            Fighting / Assault

·            Drug / alcohol use

·            Possession of any regulated item

·            Possession of drugs / firearms

·            Harassment/Bullying/Hazing

·            Theft

·            Damage or destruction to school property

·            Tobacco Use (including electronic cigarettes)

·            Sale of personal property is prohibited during school hours.



Possible Consequences:


·            Immediate removal from school

·            Expulsion

·            Parents meet with Principal and Superintendent

·            Referral to law enforcement authorities

·            After school detentions





Regulated Items

                There are certain things that you cannot have at FHMS.  This makes it possible for you to learn in a hazard-free environment.  These include the following:

·            Chemical, smoke or odor causing devices, mace, pepper spray, or  irritants

·            Flammables (such as lighters)

·            Dangerous or hazardous items, laser devices

·            Weapons or items that may be used as a weapon

·            Skateboards or other wheeled transportation devices

·            Any illegal substance, item, or device



                Please be aware that the Ohio Revised Code was changed in regard to procedures regarding tobacco related offenses.  Although the Revised Code allows for schools to have measures in place in addition to those in the code, it will be the practice at Federal Hocking Middle School to follow the procedures outlined by the Athens County Prosecutor as follows:

1.       On each offense, a form will be completed by a school official, signed by the offender, and faxed to the Prosecutor’s office.

2.       On the first offense, a form will be sent home giving the parents and the offender the option of either attending two Saturday sessions relating to the dangers of tobacco use at a cost of $25, or, appearing in Juvenile court.  If you choose not to appear in court will result in a $100 fine plus a $75 court cost.

3.       After the first offense, each succeeding offense will result in charges being filed in

      Juvenile court and a $100 fine plus $75 in court costs.

Note: Juvenile court sets and may change the amount of the fines in accordance with Ohio Law.


Consequence of tobacco use:

·            Upon request, surrender item immediately

·            Confiscation, impoundment or destruction of item

·            Repeated offense may lead to emergency removal, suspension, or recommendation for expulsion


After School Detention

Detention will be held on Tuesday and Thursday of each week and will be held from 2:45pm until the activity bus arrives.  Students are expected to bring work to complete.  Eating and sleeping are prohibited.  Students will have the option of riding the activity bus to one of the elementary schools or will need to be picked up at the school at 4:45pm.



                The superintendent or principal may suspend a student from school no more than ten (10) days.  If there is less than 10 days left of school, the suspension can carry over to the following school year.  The superintendent or principal must supply a written notice to the student of reasons for suspension.  Also, the student is provided with the opportunity to appear at an informal hearing with school officials.  When you are suspended from school, you may not make up work you miss.  Additionally, if you are suspended, expelled, or otherwise removed from school you may not attend any events at school during any time of the day without authorization from the building principal.

                When you return from any suspension, you must come with a parent and meet with the school administration for a re-entry conference.  You may not make up any work you miss while you are suspended or expelled from school.



An expulsion follows the same guidelines as suspension in addition to the following information. Only the superintendent can expel a student for up to 180 days on the recommendation of the school administration.  If a student has been suspended pending expulsion, a hearing must take place.  If a student is expelled, his or her guardians must be notified of the expulsion. 


Emergency Removal

If a student is considered a threat to the school or other students, then an emergency removal for up to ten school days will come into effect.  The student will be removed from school immediately and only allowed to return after a hearing with the Superintendent.  A written notice must be given to the student prior to the hearing.  


Appeals Process

                A student and his/her guardian may appeal an expulsion or suspension to the board of education or its designee.  The student and guardian may be granted a hearing before the board and if requested by the student, the hearing can be held publicly.  If the board has a majority vote, the board can change or modify the suspension or expulsion.  The decision of the board may also be appealed under Chapter 250 b. of the Revised Code.  There is also a record of all hearings taken place.



Code of Conduct Effective Times

                The Code of Conduct is in effect during all school hours, whenever you are on any school trip or activity, and any time you are on school property for any reason.  Additionally, it is also in effect when you are walking to or from a bus stop or at the bus stop. 





Plagiarism:  A student shall not pass off ideas or words from any other source as his/her own.  This includes turning in work that was done by another student, copying another student’s work, copying items from the internet or other source, or using anything that is not your own.  Additionally, if you allow another student to use your work you shall be deemed to have been involved in plagiarism as well.


Profanity:  A student shall not use any language, either written or verbal, which may be considered profane, indecent, obscene, vile, or abusive.  This shall include use of obscene gestures, pictures, signs or publications.


Forgery:   A student shall not, in writing, use the name of another person, or falsify times, dates, grades, addresses, or other data on school forms or correspondence directed to or from the school.


Insubordination:  Students are expected to demonstrate a positive attitude in carrying out reasonable rules or directions given by school personnel.  Any student who fails to comply with the reasonable request of school personnel or demonstrates a defiant attitude toward staff may be found insubordinate.


Hazing:  Any act of coercing another, including the victim, to submit to any form of initiation into any student organization or other organization that causes or creates a substantial risk of causing physical, mental, or emotional harm to any person shall be considered as hazing.  These acts are against the law and are inconsistent with the educational process and thus are prohibited at all times.


Harassment:  Pressuring, intimidating, frightening, or embarrassing another by your actions, comments, or gestures.  (See nondiscrimination policy at the beginning of the handbook.) 


Bullying: Repeated incidence of harassment will be considered bullying.


        FHMS Student Code of Conduct


 I will respect others.

 I will respect property.

 I will promote a safe environment.

 I will be prepared.

 I will be responsible.

 I will make positive contributions.




Each student on the FHMS Team has a job.  That job is to come to school prepared to participate in the learning process and follow the Code of Conduct.  FHMS students have a unique opportunity to “earn” special privileges and “pay” for misbehavior as they participate in a unique personal finance behavior management program. 

The purpose of this system is to help students develop the life skills of personal finance.  Students will be learning how to manage Lancer money in order to take advantage of the privileges offered by FHMS.  Each student will receive a checkbook and a register at the beginning of the year.  Replacing lost checkbooks is time consuming; a checkbook will cost $500 (Lancer dollars) to replace. 


PAYDAY:  The pay schedule is based on an average of each student’s three academic classes.  Payroll checks will be distributed every three weeks.  Once every six weeks, students will receive a bank statement and balance their account. 


PAY SCHEDULE:   A = $1000       B = $800               C = $700               D = $400               F = $300               


LIVING EXPENSES:       Rent/Parking (desk and locker)                        $250 / 6 weeks

                                                Utilities                                                                   $50 / 6 weeks

                                                Total deducted as                                                                $150 each payday


ACCUMULATION OF FINES:  Students will be referred to the office every $250 in fines; they will receive 5 demerits and afterschool detention(s) as per FHMS Student Handbook.


IMMEDIATE OFFICE REFERRAL:  Some offenses will be handled by the principal (See FHMS Student Handbook for HIGH LEVEL VIOLATIONS not fined by the team). 


YEAR END TEAM MIDDLE SCHOOL TRIP:  Students who have accumulated 20 demerits will not be eligible to participate in the year end team trip.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE! 

NOTE:  Demerits assigned by elective teachers, lunchroom monitors, and the principal, as well as demerits assigned for each $250 in fines, count toward this total.


CRIME SOLVERS ANNONYMOUS:  $100 - $500 will be paid for information leading to an “arrest/conviction.”  Crime Solver notices will be posted on the FHMS Information Board and announced in team meetings. 


EARNING EXTRA INCOME:  Students have the opportunity to apply for extra jobs and earn additional money!  Jobs will be listed at the beginning of each six week grading period, and interested students must submit a job request. 



EXTRA INCOME PAY SCHEDULE (based on top pay for quality work):

Classroom Assistant

up to $100/pay

Maintenance Person (watering plants, cleaning, etc…)

up to $100/pay

Deputy Registrar (sell/record permits and coupons)

up to $100/pay

Clerk of Courts (collects fines during Homebase)        

up to $100/pay

Peer Tutor

up to $100/pay

Community Service

up to $100/event

Study Table (during homebase Monday - Thursday)

$10 per session

Store Clerk

up to $100/pay








Restroom/Drink/ Locker Coupons

Book of 4; one per trip; may leave classroom only at appropriate times and with teacher permission


Supply Rental Coupons

Book of 4; student may use these to borrow or purchase supplies that they need for class


Homework Coupons

Book of 4; may not be valid for particular assignments; it is the responsibility of the student to ask ahead of time if a coupon may be used for a particular assignment; a teacher has the right to refuse coupons for particular assignments; some assignments may cost more than one coupon


Snacking Permit Validation

Students will have an opportunity to purchase a permit on payday; validation lasts three weeks 


Hat Permit

Students will have an opportunity to purchase a permit on payday; validation lasts three weeks 


Recreation Coupons

Book of 4; may only be used during afternoon Homebase; recreational activities may vary due to weather and availability of the gym and staff


AT-SCHOOL Good Behavior Activities


AWAY FROM SCHOOL Good Behavior Activities


Misc. Items from School Store

              Items will vary (school supplies will be available)






NOTE: Passes and coupons are nontransferable.  Students may not loan them or give them to another student.





Book bags are out of locker during the day before afternoon Homebase




Tardy up to 5 minutes



Failure to display permit/failure to present coupon when necessary




Unprepared for Class

Does not have materials needed for class



Wasting class time




Failure to comply with school rules

See FHMS Handbook & Student Code of Conduct




Student is also responsible for clean-up



Speeding/Reckless Operation

Not being courteous; moving recklessly in hallway



Public Indecency

Violation of school dress code; PDA (multiple offenses will result in an increased amount of the fine)



Disorderly Conduct

Horseplay, spit wads, throwing items, disrupting class, out of assigned seat, etc…



Verbal Assault

Speaking to others in a rude or derogatory manner




In the restroom area without permission; in an area that has been prohibited or during an unauthorized time of the day




Includes graffiti; punishment includes clean-up and paying for items that need to be replaced or repaired



Copyright Infringement/Fraud

Cheating - includes both the lender and the borrower



Resisting Arrest/ Insubordination

Not complying with a reasonable request made by an adult



Use of an Electronic Device











OUT OF JURISDICTION FINES:  Teachers from other teams may send fine referral forms for misbehavior that occurs during elective, lunch, or before school. 








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Deposit/Credit (+)







































































































































































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Deposit/Credit (+)







































































































































































Payment/Debit     (-)

Deposit/Credit (+)