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Typical Day

A typical day at Federal Hocking High School, starts when we get up really early in the morning to get ready for school. For some, the long drive means we get up REALLY early. In order not to be tardy though, it's best to be in the building by time the first warning bell rings at 7:45am. This is our notice to be in advisory. The ever important tardy bell rings at 7:50am. Advisory is where the advisors take attendance and to listen to announcements.

Three times a week advisory is longer so that we can focus on specific activities. You might want to check out the various bell schedules. Students have 5 minutes to get to and from classes and also to use the restroom.

First period  generally starts at 8:10am and ends at 9:30am. This may seem like a long time, but we are on a block schedule (some call them long classes). Then second period starts at 9:35am and ends at 10:55am.

Lunch is after second period. Most freshmen and sophomores will be heading off to tutoring in one of their core classes. Juniors and seniors have an hour to eat lunch, do homework, get tutoring, go to internship or work independently. Third period starts at 11:55am and ends at 1:15pm. The last period of the day is fourth period, which ends at 2:40pm.

If you have to stay after school, and are hungry or thirsty, you can stop by the Snack Shop after school. You'll also be helping the sophomore class raise money for prom and homecoming!

Top photo is by Hannah Dunfee and right photo is by Crystal Moone.