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The Federal Hocking Internship Program was designed to allow responsible junior and senior students to experience the world of work while simultaneously developing the soft skills necessary to be successful. It is preferred that students do internships in areas related to future career interests.

Prior to applying for the program, students must attend a mandatory meeting. The application must be completed and turned in by the deadline in order to be eligible. The most successful internships are those that are half a day for one semester. The internship coordinators try to match career interests and goals with an appropriate internship site. In order to have an internship, students need to have a valid driver's license, reliable transportation and can afford transportation and/or clothing costs associated with the internship.

In addition to spending time at the internship site, students will participate in biweekly seminars in school which focus on various aspects of employment

Attendance at the internship site is closely monitored through a professional time and GPS tracking system. Students who do not own a smart phone will be lent an electronic device to sign them in and out at the internship site. There is a system in place for students who need to take leave for various activities. Students will not be permitted to leave internship early to attend regular practices or rehearsals, so that needs to be factored into the decision to take an internship.

Mr. Green is our internship coordinator.