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Capstone Learning Experience

Each student at Federal Hocking High School finishes his or her career with the opportunity to engage in an independent project through doing a Capstone Learning Experience. The CLE is an independent learning experience where the student takes on learning a new skill or gaining new knowledge. The actual product of this work should reflect what they have learned. This will be a lot of work, so it is important for the student to choose a project in an area that they are passionate about. This is their turn to shine, to guide their own learning, to take control of their own education. While we expect the CLE to be a challenge, we think one can have fun doing it as well.

Your Advisor will supervise the CLE. She or he will help students draft project proposals, keep track of progress, and schedule a final presentation of the CLE. Additionally, he or she will evaluate the project when it is finished. Time will be provided in Advisory and during school to work on the project proposal and other aspects of the project work.

The first step in the process is submitting a proposal for approval by the CLE team and the school administration. Since students receive a credit for this, the project should take about 100 hours to complete. The proposal should follow the guidelines in the graduation handbook. When completed it is turned in to the Advisor for review. When it is ready, the student will call a meeting to present and defend the proposal to the CLE team.

Walking around Federal Hocking High School there are plenty of examples of great projects that have been done in the past. The stained glass window in the office, the lancer emblem painted in the middle of the gym floor, and the fence around the baseball field are all examples of past students' work. Out in the community there are parks, library resources, and community services that are the results of many projects. There are also guitars, desks, artwork, kayaks, and tractors students have created.

So we ask students to plan their CLE carefully. We ask them to think about what they want to learn and how they can demonstrate that to the faculty. This is yet another chance Federal Hocking students have at FHHS to make something meaningful happen as a result of their actions.

Each year a public exhibition of the Capstone Learning Experience is held in the high school gym and commons area, Please stay tuned to our announcements and on-line calendar for this event.