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College Admissions

Challenging Coursework

  • Be sure your taking challenging classes that will prepare you for college. Consider taking advanced placement or even college courses if you have the opportunity.

Scholarship Possibilities

  • Consider opportunities that will help position you well for scholarships. This includes not only getting good grades or performing well in extracurricular activities, but also community involvement or other demonstrations of leadership. Figure out where you can shine-it may translate into a scholarship down the road.

College Choices
  • Consider which colleges you want to attend. Spend some time narrowing down your list of potential list schools, and try to end up with a list of 3-6 that you'd like to visit.

College Visits

  • In the spring you'll start visiting the campuses you're interested in. Try to visit when classes are still in session, if possible. Before you take a campus tour, check out the campus tour information of your selected college.

ACT/SAT Preparation

  • Look into preparatory classes you can take through your school or check out the test prep materials that are offered online. Plan to take these tests in the spring of your Junior year.